2lbgill's bluegill
facebook link

I have put up on Facebook page where bluegill fishermen can post
pictures and talk and brag about their bluegill fishing. just click on the bluegill room above

this page will strictly be limited to only bluegill fishing pictures and topics,

Bluegill Room Policy's

I will delete
bass photos, walleye photos and all other non bluegill pictures. I will also delete pictures from
members that show numbers for bragging purposes instead of quality bluegill fishing. pictures
of bluegill limits will not be tolerated. any member that post any political or religious chat etc.
will be dropped/deleted.......no warnings, just gone! I use to belong to another bluegill site until
a incident where a member posted religious opinions and I politely reminded him that this was
against the sites policy's, well he castigated me and said i was going to go to hell. solution: I
then deleted all of my info and never looked back. nobody needs this kind crap and it will not be
tolerated here for any reason. you don't need to be a bluegill fisherman to post here but please
don't monopolize a conversation or appoint yourself as the greeter for the members when you have
nothing better to do. you can kid a fellow member in fun but don't insult anyone intentionally.

i would like this room for everyone to input their tricks and tips/methods for catching  and
releasing bigger & more bluegills and help preserve bluegill fishing where we can say my kids
will have better bluegill fishing than i had and my father had before me