my EBAY complaint

is ebay seller friendly ?
you be the judge

my latest transaction using ebay was not an enjoyable experience for me.

in april 2014 i sold a canon xti dsl with a tamaron 55-200mm lens auction style on ebay,
the person that won the bid paid
$100  for both items which was dirt cheap. when the
camera was listed i took pictures with the camera and the lens to show that
was working when the ad was posted on ebay

about 3 weeks later the buyer said the camera didn't work and wanted a refund. The camera and lens were listed as no returnable
items and with no refunds . when buyer buys a no return item they bid accordingly and usually buy it very cheap. I informed the buyer
that it was sold as is and no refunds. the buyer filed a complaint with ebay unknowingly to me saying it was not as listed
i did not know this until I saw this in my ebay messages. by this time ebay had given her a refund without my consent or knowledge.
I called ebay and they sent me an email which they did not and the person from ebay more or less said i was a liar and he also
said it was in my ebay messages and i should be going into my ebay summary everyday to read my messages. Ebay employees need
better training in customer relations.

I then found that they debited my paypal account for the purchase price and shipping, I called my bank and froze paypal fron
debiting my bank account.

I received the camera and lens back a week later with out the carrying strap and the camera did not work, the lens did not
focus like it should and the focus ring was binding at times. the buyer for got to remove the compact flash card and left 24
pictures on it taken by the buyer. all of the pictures were taken at low shutter speeds like 1/5 etc. and had to be taken
using a tripod. There is a few new slight scuff marks on the camera and lens. I would guess the tripod tipped over and did
something to the camera. I called ebay with this information but the did nothing.

Ebay is billing me for the selling fee plus the return shipping fee plus the the refund amount.

summary and facts

1. The buyer lied about the camera that it was not as listed.
2. I have a broken camera and bad lens.
3. Ebay is harassing me in my email and on the phone.
4. Ebay did not own the camera and has no right to issue refunds and expect me to pay for it.
5. Ebay needs sellers more than a seller needs them.

6. ebay caters to the buyer and expects sellers to pay the bill.
7. buyers contribute nothing to ebay profits without it going thru a buyer first

use craigs list before using ebay

here are the pictures found on the camera that didn't work and they are dated May 5th a week after buyer received it.