First you need a beer batter. 1. Open three cans of beer.
2. Pour 1 can into a bowl and stir with a whisk or fork.
3. Filet your fish while drinking the other 2 beers.
4. The beer in the bowl should be flat by then, add some
flour, a few bread crumbs,garlic powder, a pinch of
baking powder,seasoning salt to make a thin batter.
3 .Roll the filets and coat in corn starch first
which is the binder for holding the batter onto the filet.
5. Dip the filet in the batter and wipe the extra batter off
of the filet on the bowl edge. 6. Drop the filet into the
deep fryer and cook until golden brown. Getting hungry? I am.
The filets can be rolled into bread crumbs after battering if desired.
7. While the filets are cooking slice up some onion rings.
8. Deep fry these rings in the same batter after the fish are done.
If you do everything right you will have some of the finest eating
available and  corn starch and beer batter all over the place.

Blackberry Brandy

4 cups blackberrys
3cups sugar
1 1/2 cup water
1 Qt. Korbel brandy

Boil water and sugar, cool to room temp before adding to berrys in 1 gal. glass jar.
Add brandy and let sit 3-4 months stirring occassionally.


Sterilize jars, lids and covers
Cut filets into 1 1/2" size chunks and place in jars.
Fill jar to 1" from top.

Into each jar add the following.
1 teaspoon cooking oil (veg. or olive oil)
1 rounded teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon mustard
1 tablespoon catsup
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Put jars into pressure  cooker .
Pressure cook for 110 minutes @ 10 lbs.
If pressure falls below this start all over again with pressure cycle.

We use Salmon or Rainbows, both are excellant canners

Brine....2/3 cup salt 1/3 cup sugar for every quart of water
Brine for 24 hr's keep cold (ice jugs or fridge)
Use portable smoker for 16-24 hr's depending on size of fish.
For Lake Trout.....brine 48 hr's and double smoke



Clean and cut fish into small pieces (1/2 in. sq.)
Place fish in salt water brine  ( 3/4-1 cup salt /qt. water)
 Keep in brine for 48 hr. Refrigerated
Drain off brine and cover with cider vineger for 24 hr.
 Stir Often.

Sauce for 1qt of fish

1/2 cup white vineger
1/2 cup wine
1 cup sugar
1 lemon slice
2 bay leaves
4 whole cloves
1 tsp. allspice ( whole)
2tsp dry mustard or seed
Bring to boil than cool

Place in Jar/jars with plenty of sliced onions
and cover with mixture. refrigerate. After 3 days fish
can be eaten, ten days is better.


The best damm clam chowder you will ever have


1/4 LB.  BACON                                         2-8 OZ. CANS MINCED CLAMS
1/2  GREEN PEPPER                                 1-8OZ. CAN CHOPPED CLAM
1 CARROT                                                 1/2 TPS. WHITE PEPPER
1 MED. ONION                                           1/2 TPS. PAPRIKA
4 MED. POTATOES                                    1/2 TPS. NUTMEG
1 TSP. PARSELY FLAKES                           1/2 PINT WHIPPING CREAM
1 TBLSP. OIL                                              1 PINT HALF & HALF
1 TBLSP. BUTTER                                      1/2 CUP TOMATO JUICE
1 8 OZ. BOTTLE CLAM JUICE (optional)


Cut the bacon into 1/4 in pieces and fry (render)until fat comes out of it. Do not get crisp.
Chop carrot, pepper and onion into small pieces and saute on high heat.
Dice potatoes into 1/2 in pieces. Drain clams and save juice. Add all ingediants
together except clams, half & half and whipping cream. Bring to boil and cook
potatoes until a fork can be stuck in them. Add clam meat and cook for 5 min.
Add whipping cream and half & half. Heat but do not boil....ENJOY!!!!