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The Secret to Catching Big Bluegills

I am going to let everyone in on a little secret that will allow you to catch
more and bigger Bluegills. Believe it or not if you can stop concentrating on limits
or bragging numbers you will become a better fisherman. How is this ? well
easy, there are certain things an angler does when he gets on the water
and begins fishing. Anglers go to the same places they have caught numbers
before and use the same methods they caught fish on previously. This
locks the angler into a mode that is hard to change and limits their ability
to explore. Everybody likes to go home with something to brag about and
satisfy their egos, we are all brought up on this way of fishing and
catching and it is very hard to change.

The only way to catch more and bigger Bluegills is not to worry about
keeping fish. When you get to the point where you have caught enough
for a meal that is the time to relax and explore and experiment. Every
time you go fishing you should be learning something otherwise you are
not paying attention. The bottom line here is.... only by trying differant
methods, bait, lures and location will you improve you catching ability.
"If you keep fishing the same way you'll keep catching the same thing".

  A bluegill is a bluegill  and it p.....s. me off when I see people call regular bluegills a "northern strain"
which it is not. There is no such bluegill in the record
books as a northern strain bluegill. or a
scientific classification as such.
i think the motive behind this is to establish the copper nose which
is a sub
species of bluegills  as a bluegill. which it is not. they are only found in a few southern states.
 a bluegill is a bluegill and a copper nose is a copper nose.

A copper nose" respond much easier to artificial feeding than the typical bluegill which most
fishermen catch. why is it that some people would like to
convince fishermen looking for a trophy
bluegill that an over fed "copper nose"
and/or hybreds are native bluegills ? which is not really true.

Only a wild native fish should ever be considered as a trophy.there is no challenge when you are
guaranteed over stuffed & hand fed trophy type fish.
anybody can catch one of these tame fish.

While fishing for Bluegills !!

There are a few lakes (2 of the best) up here in the central U.P. that are dying
slowly because of missing year classes of Bluegills, The 2 things I believe that are
causing this
problem is over fishing bluegills and below normal temps for a couple
of summers
preventing successful spawning conditions. I heard the DNR did a study
on my
favorite lake a few years ago and they determined that there were 3-4 year
missing and that it will take years for the lake to recover. Too many fishermen
have to catch their limit to be happy. If everybody would just keep enough for a
and throw the rest back we wouldn't have this problem. and the kids today would have
better fishing than you had.

Leave your 5 gallon buckets at home.