UPDATED July,24,2012

 I had a pretty lucky day today on Big Bluegills, I caught
3 Master Angler size Bluegills 10 1/4, 10 5/8, & 11 in.

Here is the 11 in. beauty.

And here is a 10 5/8 in. Relative

Another Lucky Day.

10.50 in.

Another 11.00 in. Gill

NOTE: All Fish Release


Every lake I fish is different from the pre-spawn thru the post spawn period and different methods are required on each body of water. When pre-spawn temps get about 55 degrees I work off the edges of of the spawning areas ( what I call a staging area) with slip bobber's using worms or pieces off crawler. Being as I don't keep any males that I catch during the spawning period I don't spend a lot of time in one area and over work it and the fish. I release all female Bluegills that are full of spawn and only keep a few if I need a meal.

Fishing these staging areas can produce some real nice fish if a person spends some time working them out. As temps start rising the males move into the nesting areas and will readily hit artificial' s with a vengeance, I have had them jump right out of the water like a bass and make streaming runs. As the season progresses into the post spawn phase some of the males will still be in the bedding areas after the young are gone but are not as aggressive as they have been. This is when I change over to a slip bobber and work the edge of the shallow areas. I can usually find schools of gills not far from the spawning areas off of the weed edges and where the water is a bit deeper, generally the same pre-spawn staging areas.

One thing I do is quit catching  fish or leave a certain area if I see another boat approaching, the main reason being that I like to protect these areas from the abusers who think the spawning beds are an  unlimited source of fish. Some people might not agree with me but this is how I feel about fishing spawning beds. There are a lot of fishermen that only fish Bluegills when they are on the beds because they are easy to catch then and they don't know how to catch fish when they have to work for them.