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UP dated 07-15-2014

1lb 15 oz. Bluegill

Here is one darn nice Bluegill caught by Betty Gross from one of the lakes by
Chrystal Falls MI. Betty and her husband Dick are avid Bluegill fisher people and
release fish like this ( the big spawner's)  regularly.
 Length 11 15/16 and weighed 1 lb 15 oz. This fish was released to fight another day and
hopefully be a 2 lb'r next year.

To me catching fish is only one part of the fishing trip, just getting out there and enjoying
the weather and the openness of being on the water is the majority of the enjoyment.
There is a lot to be said of the peace fullness of the water and just letting the world go by.
Every time we release a fish we are hoping to catch them again on another day and hopefully
next year they will be another inch longer. Bluegills only grow about an inch per year on the
average and the only way to catch that elusive 2 lb,r is to let them 10-11 inch fish go back and
mature some more. In 2012 we released over 40 fish that were over 10 inches and
11 of them were eleven incher's